Thank You, Supporters!

North State Symphony in Chico and Redding

Without our supporters, it would be pretty quiet around here...

We want to take this opportunity to thank our supporters for their generosity, their belief in our vision and their commitment to live symphonic music in the North State. The invaluable support of these businesses and individualsĀ helps us to keep performing year after year.

Thank You and Bravo!

California State University, Chico
College of Humanities & Fine Arts
School of the Arts
Instructionally Related Activities
Chico Performances

Our Business Supporters

Website Design: Farrell Design Group
Program and Brochure Design: Farrell Design Group
Program Printing: Quadco
Jefferson Public Radio/Cascade Theatre

Our Media Partners

A News Cafe
Chico Enterprise Record
Chico News & Review
Jefferson Public Radio
KCHO North State Public Radio
Redding Record Searchlight
Upgraded Living

Conductors Circle

Director Level
$10,000 and above

Chico Guild ~ North State Symphony
Clairelouise Bates
Dignity Health
Connie Eccles and the Connie Eccles Endowment
Johnson Family Foundation
McConnell Foundation
Robert and Anne Morgan Endowment
North State Symphony League of Redding

Maestro Level

Carol Berg and Stafford Thomas
Rose Crain and Vern McHaney
Catalyst Redding Young Professionals Organization
Marshall and Kathy Friedman
Dr. Pamela Ikuta
Leo Kirchhoff
Lee and Judy Salter
Sierra Pacific Foundation
Sally Wells

Concertmaster Level

All-State Insurance, Dirck McGuire
Anonymous (2)
Doug and Kathy Alexander
John and Sue Aubuchon
Bank of Commerce, Redding
Robert and Judith Biehler
Margaret Bomberg
Brian Bonner and J. Ashley Ferry
Margaret B.Brennan-Maxey & Robert Maxey
Russ and Jan Burnham
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Judy Chiapella
Chico Eye Center
Kirsten and William Curry
Lowell and Dorothy Daun
George and Georgia Davis
Doreeta Domke
Eagle Security
Red Emmerson and Maria Escosa-Emmerson
First Five Shasta
Five Star Bank
Florestan Society
Diane Fossum
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Joan Genthe
Dr. Harrison Gill
Robert Hansen and Kathryn Svoboda, including gift in memory of Barbara Thacker
Stephaney M. Hardie
Sam and Sam Hillaire
M. Brooks Houghton and Fran Shelton
Richard and Giovanna Jackson
Richard and Pat Macias
Sandy Kalinowski
Linda Koch
Marilyn Kruschke in memory of Dr. Earl R. Kruschke
Dawn and Dr. Walter Kusumoto
Rush and Hollie Lenroot
Richard and Pat Macias
Dr. J. Mann
Missy P. McArthur
Ailsie McEnteggart
Charles and Marvey Mueller
Eugene and Tammy Nichols
Nichols, Melburg, & Rossetto
North Valley Community Foundation
Nancy Overton and Eric Marshall
Darlene Paise
JoAnn Palmer, including gift in memory of Helga Ruge
Russ and Anne Peterson
Louise Philippi-Derr and Dr. William Derr
Erik and Kristien Poole
Drs. Dan Purtzer and Nena Perry
Darlene Quinn
Dr. Ron Reece
Simpson University
Mark W and Victoria Spelts
Jutta Spruce
Greg Steel and Dr. Janet Wilson in memory of Helga Ruge
Stifel Financial
Emma Suarez and Mark Pawlicki
Art and Gayle Tilles
Tong Fong Low
Thomas W. Warnock
Heidi and Don Weidlein
JoAnn Welch
C. Chance Whittley
Robert and Louise Wilkinson
Robert Zadra and Sam KisseeSYMPHONY LEVEL $500-$999Dr. John and Lauree Asarian
Stephen Baker
Bruce Belton
Bruce and Rosemary Burke
Dr. John Busby
California Cascade Association
V. A. Cebrian
Patricia Crow
Stephen and Sunday Cummins
Drs. Linda Davis-Reed and Randall Reed
Cheryl Forbes
Phillip and Helen Harvey
James and Paula Karman
Louisiana Knox
Carl Larkin
Elizabeth Van Laan Lorenz in memory of Lorraine DeGraff and Elizabeth S Wolfe
Thomas and Marian Milling
Montessori Children's House
JoAnn and David Morgan
Jenny Abbe Moyer and Dean Moyer
Patty Mullett
Drs. William and Marilyn Niepoth
Marianne Olstad
Ramona Peters
Carl and Mary Peterson
Jennifer Pierce
David and Marge Redding
Kendall and Susan Seamans
William Shrum in memory of Mary Lou Shrum
Randall and Judy Smith
Mary Speigle
Tom and Gretchen Stone
Lance and Audrey Tennis
Brooks Thorlaksson
Carol Vivion
Dr. John S. Winfield and Jan Clendenning
Catherine Woods

Concerto Level

Joseph M. Alexander
Ginny and Lee Brown
Diana Bunney and Don Booker
Norman Brown
Mary and Richard Burns
William D. and Landa Bell Carson
Barbara Copeland
Carolyn Dusenbury
Dr. Phil Filbrandt
Linda and Charlie Finkel
Ramona Flynn
Thomas & Janith Gandy
!Diane and Lou Gerard, in memory of Anne Morgan, and Ed and Lorraine DeGraff
Jim & Carmen Gertz
Suzan Gilmore
Glass 1900
Stephen A and Charlene Gonsalves
Allen L. Hackett
Joanne M. Hansen in memory of Barbara Thacker
Randall and Barbara Hempling
Keith Herritt and Enrique Martinez
Bonnie and Jon Hilbert
Larry and Sherron Jackson
Lawrence Janeway
Dr. Robert and Sharon Johnson, including gifts in memory of Helga Ruge and George Zafferano
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Knight
Delete-Louisiana Knox
Elizabeth Leach
Ruthe Levy
Dr. Frank and Sylvia LiVolsi,
Henrietta Lo
Gail Locke
Barbara and Eugene Malette
C. Armando Mejorado
David and Mary Memmer, including gift in memory of Helga Ruge
Robert and Debbie Morton
Lara & Toby Osborn
Kathryn and Emily Patterson
Patricia Penn
Michael and Kim Pickering
Louise Rafalovich
George and Leanna Rawley
Antonia Rendall
Sharon and Gary Rogers
Winifred Sandrock
Harvey Spector and Sharon Hoffman-Spector
Dianne Suschil in memory of Bob Suschil
Alice Swenson
Randall Walker and Cathe Ledford
Kathy Weeks

Sonata Level

Caroline Aldrich-Langen, including gift in memory of Helga Ruge
Anita Anderson
Dr. Morris Ballard and Dr.Diana Ballard
Raymond and Roma Barker
Lance and Roberta Becker
Margaret and Richard Bergman
Rochelle Beyer and Rosemary Thomas
Richard and Lynne Bonetti
Daria Booth and Alan Rellaford
Rick and Sally Boyd
John and Barbara Boyle in memory of Helga Ruge
Clark and Noel Brown
Susan and Dennis Bruce
Louis Buchholtz and Mrs. Barbara Janzen
William & Ursula Bunstock
Elena Casanova-Hanson in Honor of Claudia Hanson
Jerry Kirsch Chandler
Charlene Chang-Smith
Chico Hospital for Cats
Carol Cody
Robert and Magdalena Collins, in memory of Helga Ruge
Angelos and Katherine Constantinides
Susan Constantinides
Damon and Debra Ann Cropsey
Lorraine Curtis
Errol and Mary Doty
Peggy and William Dudman
Trudy Dunphy
Lily English
Essex River Basin Adventures
Dr. Stephanie Evans
Andrew and Anna Farrell
Carlece Ferry
Gregory S. Fischer and Keith Slaughter
Betty Fitzpatrick
The Fitzpatrick Fund
Samuel Florio
Diane E. Fossum
David and Joanne Fuller
David Fundakowski
Francine Gair
Pat Gardetto
Gold Country Casino
Diane Hawthorne
David and Hilary Hassenzahl
Leslie Howard
Margaret Desmond Hughes
Adrienne Jacoby
Mary Jensen
Gerd Jensen
Dr. Ladd Johnson
Jeff and Hillary Jones
Peter and Lyra Josefsson
Richard Kahler
Lisa Kasza
William Barton Kendrick and Samuel Florio
James Kirks, Jr.
Kirk's Jewelry
Jerril Kopp
Mary Lou and J. Warren Lane
Elizabeth Lawler
Carol Leedom in memory of Lorraine DeGraff
Diane F. Leiber
Maryse and Antony Lemaistre
Diane Lieber
Marilyn Locker
Roger and Janel Longnecker
Henry and Sandra Louie
Jean L Martin
Grace Marvin and Julian Zener
Margaret McMillan
Dr. Marcia Moore
Joanne Mullen
Ray and Bette Narbaitz
Scott Nichols
Joyce Norman and Georgia Bernoudy
North State Parent Magazine
Evelyn O'Connor
William W. Oliver
Kathy Pottratz
Elizabeth Gwen Quail
Carole Quick
Walt Schafer and Teresa Kludt
Inge Schmidt
Howard and Deidra Schweitzer
Dolores Sellers
Elizabeth C Shea
Don Sheely

Diana and Mark Shelley
Sutherland and Janet Simpson
Anna Skaggs
Valene Smith
Shirlee Spaid
Doreen Spellmann
James and Joyce Spielmann
Mary Jane Spencer
Monroe and Carol Sprague
Tania Strishak
Alicia A. Springer Thomas
Joan E. Stoner
Gail Stream
Martha and Stanley Sundeen
Kristin and George Swanson
Ashley Tangeraas
M.K. and Susan Tescher
Joyce C. Torgerson
Margaret Walfoort
Marilyn Warrens
Patricia Weld
Matthew Wells
Dorothy P. Wills
Al and Nancy Woods
Joseph Yarosevich
Rovane and Ruth Younger
Jon and Claudia Zadra

Chamber Level

Anne Anderson
Sue Asbill
Beverly and Jim Beeghly
Robert Bowman & Judy Kane
M. Elizabeth Brooks in memory of Lorraine DeGraff
Mark Broeckel
Carol Brooks
Wendy and Jeff Brown
John C. Burnham
Joseph and Virginia Church
Loren and Patricia Dunlap
Trudy Dunphy, in memory of Helga Ruge
Nicole M Espinosa
Gary E. Flock in memory of Helga Ruge
Sandy Galka
Marino Garbis
Priscilla Hanford
!Jonathan Hanson, in Honor of Claudia Hanson
Arlyne Hazel, in memory of Helga Ruge
Kathryn Hogue
Jamie and Harry Keshet
Lynne LaGrone
Gina Luciana
Ruth Lundberg in memory of Helga Ruge
Heidi and Mike Lydon
Janet McMurray
D. Larry and Mrs. Bonnie Miller
Floris OLeary
Lois J. Olson
Anne Osborn
Margaret Pahland, in memory of Helga Ruge
Jennifer Parrish
Ann and Troy Prater, in memory of Helga Ruge
Mildred S Ray
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Mary Richey
Betty and Ernst Schoen-Rene
Rayna Simpson
Andrea Solari
Rick and Pam Sorenson
Peggy Steel
Marilyn Steinheimer
Becky Stofa
Carol Sullivan, in memory of Helga Ruge
Gerald and Georgianna Summers
Gregory N. Sykes
Terry Thomas, in Memory of Bob Williams
Robert Tinkler
Tessa Van der Meijden
Judi Kay Vereschagin
Judy Vickrey
Jane Wheeler
James White
John R. and Lynn R Wilson
William Yoskowitz and Marguerite Gray
Ruth and Rovane Younger
Kathryn Zancanella


Endowments provide annual support in perpetuity to the Symphony. We sincerely appreciate those who make this lasting gift to our orchestra.

The Robert and Anne Morgan Endowment

The North State Symphony is honored to receive this very significant gift from the estate of Robert and Anne Morgan. Proceeds from the Endowment will be instrumental in providing a sound financial basis for NSS in future years, together with gifts to our annual fund from our many generous donors.

The North State Symphony Endowment

The following individuals have invested in the future of the North State Symphony by making a generous contribution to the newly established North State Symphony Endowment. The purpose of the North State Symphony Endowment is to provide a perpetual financial foundation for the Symphony ensuring its outstanding artistic vision and programs.

Susan Bruce
Louis Buchholtz and Mrs. Barbara Janzen
Ellen G. Chain
Lorraine DeGraff
Dr. Leo Kirchhoff
Linda Koch
Jutta Spruce
Noble M. and Sally Streeter
Barbara Thacker
Sally Wells
Louise and Robert Wilkinson

Other Endowments

Constance L. Eccles Endowment
Manuel and Gloria Esteban Endowment
Phyllis Lindley Endowment
North State Symphony Scholarship Endowment (various donors)
Peggy Steel Endowment

Interested in Supporting North State Symphony?

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Advertise in our program:

Advertising in our programs affords you the opportunity to reach a targeted audience at a very reasonable cost. Your advertisement will be seen in programs for at least 14 concerts from September through May. Our loyal audience is very enthusiastic about NSS, and many make a point to patronize businesses that advertise with us.

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Please email or call Symphony Office, (530-898-5984) for more information.

North State Symphony is an affiliate of the California State University Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.