NSS Watch Party Events

During this unprecedented time, we here at North State Symphony will continue to bring our listeners live performances that have been recorded, edited, and put through the filter of our music director Scott Seaton, to ensure a wonderful online experience. We hope you're entertained by tuning in to the live events simulcasted as Facebook Watch Parties and YouTube Premiers.  All events are also recorded and can be later viewed as re-runs.  


Stay tuned for additional Watch Parties and YouTube Premiers throughout the summer and fall of 2020!










We were joined by soloist Eric Whitmer on June 22nd, 2020 for a look back at his performance from February of 2019 of Ney Rosauro's "Concert for Marimba." 

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/705955466643223/

YouTube Premiere link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7zFBGQE2S8


North State Symphony Music Director Scott Seaton conducted this Watch Party with Beethoven's 7th Symphony from NSS February 2018 performance.

You can see archived footage on YouTube:


North State Symphony Music Director Scott Seaton conducted a Watch Party on Facebook, Friday, May 8 with Beethoven's 5th Symphony from an NSS September 2015 performance and Scott's debut as NSS Music Director.

Scott also gave a pre-performance chat.
You can watch Beethoven's 5th and the pre-concert chat on our YouTube channel: 
BEETHOVEN: Symphony #5: : https://youtu.be/hSFRGbgCk7Q
pre-concert chat: https://youtu.be/B7aancE-lSg

On Friday April 24, 2020 Music Director Scott Seaton conducted a Watch Party on Facebook with two shorter powerful pieces from the past three seasons. First up was Barber's Adagio for Strings that was performed in May 2019 with special introductory chat with Assistant Principal Violist, Gregg Rice. Following the Barber, we journey back to November 2017 and watch the NSS performance of Berlioz chaotic and energy-packed Roman Carnival Overture.

You can watch these videos on our YouTube channel:
BERLIOZ - Roman Carnival Overture (complete): https://youtu.be/wruTV1Qen6Q