Saying Goodbye

(A message from Executive Director Keith Herritt, as published in the NSS May concert program.)

I’ll be leaving my position with the North State Symphony a few weeks after this week-end’s concerts. So I plan to enjoy the music with a small dose of nostalgia.

The Symphony formed (from its precursors Chico and Redding Symphonies) in 2001, and I was hired for the 2004-2005 season. Since then, our growth has been steady, despite the Great Recession. Our budget’s doubled, our endowment is now in the million-dollar range.

Former Music Director Kyle Wiley Pickett established a high musical standard. To broaden the Symphony’s scope and reach, under Pickett we added the Christmas Holiday concerts and chamber music. When he announced that he was moving on, there were fears that would mean the collapse of the whole orchestra!

Now Scott Seaton’s in place and the response to his leadership has been wonderful to see. As you will see in the brochures being distributed, another growth spurt is happening, with added Pops concerts in both cities and a New Year’s Eve celebration in Redding.

These past successes and new opportunities all reflects the fact that many people care about NSS. I thank you for the interest which has helped us to this point, and look forward to seeing many of you at future concerts.


Keith Herritt
Executive Director