North State Symphony volunteers play a major role in the orchestra’s success. Join us and help support the orchestra in a vitally important way.

There are many ways to help...

Concert Support:

  • Usher at concerts
  • Prepare food for musicians at rehearsals and concerts
  • Serve refreshments at receptions
  • Offer your home for an event

Open Your Home to a Visiting Musician:

Open your home to an NSS orchestra musician for one or two nights. Our musicians and hosts develop wonderful friendships. Musicians appreciate a place to rest between rehearsals and concerts.

Special Events:

Assist with the North State Symphony’s fundraisers and events. It takes many volunteers to make these events successful!

Office Assistance:

Help our small NSS staff with mailings, data entry, filing, copying music, invitation addressing, and other special and ongoing tasks.

As a North State Symphony volunteer, you can:

  • Get to know others who share your love of music
  • Attend orchestra rehearsals and other exciting activities
  • Use your skills and experience to help the orchestra in a tangible way

Contact us for more information regarding volunteer opportunities.

The North State Symphony has a priceless resource in the form of two auxiliary organizations. Volunteer members from across the North State work behind the scenes with fundraising, audience assistance and scholarships. We are grateful for the endless hours our friends donate on behalf of the North State Symphony. Bravo!

The Chico Guild ~ North State Symphony
The North State Symphony League of Redding