Thank You!

North State Symphony in Chico and Redding

Without our supporters, it would be pretty quiet around here...

We want to take this opportunity to thank our supporters for their generosity, their belief in our vision and their commitment to live symphonic music in the North State. The invaluable support of these businesses and individuals helps us to keep performing year after year.

Annual Gifts and Community Partners

Listed below are gifts and gifts in kind received since July 1, 2016 and up through April 24, 2017. The list will be updated over the summer.

Our University Partners

California State University, Chico
College of Humanities & Fine Arts
School of the Arts
Instructionally Related Activities
Chico Performances

Our Business Supporters

Website Design: Farrell Design Group
Program and Brochure Design: Farrell Design Group
Program Printing: Quadco
Jefferson Public Radio/Cascade Theatre

Our Media Partners

A News Cafe
Chico Enterprise Record
Chico News & Review
Jefferson Public Radio
KCHO North State Public Radio
Redding Record Searchlight
Upgraded Living

Our Program Advertisers

Chico Hospitalist Group
Tong Fong Low
Granite Transformations
Budget Blinds
Ronald E. Reece, MD
Nichols Melburg & Rossetto
The Hignell Companies
North State Public Radio
Law office of Cheryl A. Forbes
Museum of Northern California Art
Grandma's Attic Appraisal Faire
Wine Time
Chico News & Review
Redding Record Searchlight
Glass 1900
Margy Wenham Insurance Services
Stoner & Associates
Intermountain Classics with Tom Diskin
Olde Gold Estate Jewelry
Deborah Schowalter, Mediator
Sierra Steel Harley-Davidson
Pickering Law Corporation
Jefferson Public Radio
The Wright Keys Academy of Musical Arts
Farrell Design Group

Donations of Goods and Services

Almendra Winery & Distillery
Annie's Star Quilt Guild
Art Etc.
Basque Norte Restaurant
Cascade Theatre
Christian & Johnson, Inc.
Cotton Party
Creative Cacti and Succulents
In Motion Fitness
Julianne's Jewelry
Kirk's Jewelry
Long Creek Winery and Ranch
Lost Dutchman Taproom
Lundberg Family Farms
Mooney Farms
Music Connection
Nantucket Home, Inc.
Nantucket Home, Inc.
New Clairvaux Vineyard
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Orient & Flume Art Glass Company
Squeaky Clean Window Washing
Sweet Chico Confections
Tres Hombres Restaurant, Inc.
Upper Crust Bakery
Zucchini And Vine

Conductors Circle

Director Level
$10,000 and above

Cooper Family Trust
Dignity Health
The Johnson Family Foundation

Maestro Level

Mr. Vern McHaney and Ms. Rose Crain
Mr. Archie Emmerson and Mrs. Maria Escosa-Emmerson
Sierra Pacific Foundation

Concertmaster Level

Mrs. Margaret Bomberg
Dr. and Mrs. Clark Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Catterall
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Chiapella
Courtesy Automotive Center
Mrs. Diane Flaherty
Mrs. Diane Fossum
Mr. Allen Hackett
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hillaire
Dr. Pamela Ikuta
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jackson
Mrs. Sandra Kalinowski
James and Paula Karman
Ed and Joy Kimball
Dr. Leo H. Kirchhoff
Dr. Robert Zadra and Mr. Samuel Kissée
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Kusumoto
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Lundberg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Macias
Mr. Eric Marshall and Ms. Nancy Overton Marshall
Ms. Missy McArthur
McConnell Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pawlicki
Kimm Randle
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Spelts
Dr. Stafford Thomas and Ms. Carol Berg
Mr. Ethan Watters
Ms. Sally Wells


Dr. and Mrs. John Asarian
Bank of Commerce Redding
Mr. Bruce Belton
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brumley
Calif. Cascade Assoc. for the Education of Young Children
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Carpenter
Mr. Stephen Cummins and K. Cummins
Dr. and Mrs. Lowell Daun
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Genthe
Mrs. Stephaney Hardie
Mr. Phillip Harvey
Ms. Beverly Kahn
Dr. and Mrs. Rush Lenroot
Ms. Gail Herritt
Dr. Ailsie McEnteggart
Mr. Dean Moyer and Mrs. Jenny Abbe-Moyer
Mrs. Darlene Paise
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peterson
Mrs. Ramona Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Salter
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weidlein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wiltermood

Concerto Level

Mr. and Mrs. John Aubuchon
Ms. Eve Berg-Pugh
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burns
Dr. John Busby
Mrs. Barbara Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. William Curry
Ms. Liane Curtis
Ms. Connie Eccles
Ms. Barbara Enochian
Mr. Roger Estey
Ms. Lois Fleming
Dr. Eric Ford
Mrs. Janith Gandy
Mr. Keith Herritt and Mr. Enrique Martinez In Honor of Elizabeth Quivey
Dr. Robert Knight and Dr. Mary Knight
Mrs. Mary Lane
Ms. Cathleen Ledford
Ms. Henrietta Lo In Memory of Ms. Sherri Fizer
Mr. James Malin
Mr. and Mrs. John McAmis
Mr. and Mrs. David Memmer
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mullett
Mrs. Marianne Olstad
Dr. Jennifer Parrish and Mr. Kevin Parrish
Ms. Patricia Penn
Elizabeth Quivey
Dr. Ronald Reece
Mr. Alan Rellaford and Ms. Daria Booth
Ms. Antonia Rendall
Mrs. Catherine Shanks
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shelley
Dr. and Mrs. Randall Smith
Ms. Mary Speigle
Stifel Nicolaus - Chico
Mr. Michael Warren
Wine Time
Ms. Catherine Woods

Sonata Level

Jamie Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. James Beeghly
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bode
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bonetti
Dr. William Bunstock and Ms. Ursula Karow
Chico Diamond Hotel, LLC
Chico Hospital For Cats
Mrs. Catharina Cochrane
Mr. Everett Collier
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collins
Ms. Susan Constantinides
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DiGiovanni
Mr. and Mrs. William Dudman
Mr. and Mrs. John Eads
Dr. Stephanie Evans
Mrs. Linda Finkel
Mrs. Patricia Gardetto
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gerard
H.H. Armistead & Company, Inc.
Mrs. Kathleen Harris
Ms. Ebba Herritt
Mr. Brooks Houghton and Ms. Fran Shelton
Mr. John Keesey
Kinderland Child Development Center
Mrs. Louisiana Knox
Mrs. Marilyn Kruschke
Mr. Carl Larkin
Mrs. Diane Leiber
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Longnecker
Dr. Halkard Mackey In Memory of Mary Ann Mackey and Reba Price
Mr. Terrance Mercer
Montessori Childrens House
Dr. Marcia Moore
K. Mardean Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Nielsen
North State Parent Magazine
Mrs. Evelyn O'Connor
Mr. Robert Odland and Mrs. Charlotte Kelly-Odland
Mr. and Mrs. George Overton
Mr. Garrith Perrine
Mrs. Carole Quick
Corinne Stott Schwartz
Ms. Patricia Shackleton
Mr. Donald Sheely
Mrs. Anna Skaggs
Mrs. Shirley Spaid
Ms. Doreen Spellmann
Ms. Nona Steinheimer
Mrs. Elisabeth Stewart
Mrs. Gretchen Stone
Ms. Gail Stream
Two Twenty Restaurant
Dr. Eddie Vela and Dr. Celeste Jones
Ms. Carol Vivion
Dr. Marilyn Warrens In Memory of Dr. Robert Johnson

Chamber Level
up to $99

Mr. and Mrs. James Atlas
Ms. Ava Balbutin
Mr. Robb Brown
Mr. Joseph Church
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cliadakis
Mr. David Craig
Mrs. Susan Crandell
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dunham
Dr. Patricia Edelmann
Ms. Donna Gauthier
Mrs. Joyce Groshong
Mr. Bryan Hanson
Ms. Diane Hawthorne
Mr. Ryan Heimlich
Mr. David Hopper and Mrs. Shari Maxson Hopper
Mrs. Jean Martin
Mrs. Margaret Brennan and Mr. Robert Maxey
Mrs. Paola McCarthy
Mr. Michael Moynahan
Mrs. Joan Palmer
Ms. Kirsten Plate
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Schmidt In Honor of Dr. Ailsie McEnteggart
Ms. Betty Shea
Mr. Robert Williams
Ms. Dorothy Wills


Endowments provide annual support in perpetuity to the Symphony. We sincerely appreciate those who make this lasting gift to our orchestra.

The Robert and Anne Morgan Endowment

The North State Symphony is honored to receive this very significant gift from the estate of Robert and Anne Morgan. Proceeds from the Endowment will be instrumental in providing a sound financial basis for NSS in future years, together with gifts to our annual fund from our many generous donors.

The North State Symphony Endowment

The following individuals have invested in the future of the North State Symphony by making a generous contribution to the newly established North State Symphony Endowment. The purpose of the North State Symphony Endowment is to provide a perpetual financial foundation for the Symphony ensuring its outstanding artistic vision and programs.

Susan Bruce
Louis Buchholtz and Mrs. Barbara Janzen
Ellen G. Chain
Lorraine DeGraff
Dr. Leo Kirchhoff
Linda Koch
Jutta Spruce
Noble M. and Sally Streeter
Barbara Thacker
Sally Wells
Louise and Robert Wilkinson

Other Endowments

Constance L. Eccles Endowment
Manuel and Gloria Esteban Endowment
Phyllis Lindley Endowment
Robert and Anne Morgan Endowment
North State Symphony Endowment
North State Symphony Scholarship Endowment
Peggy Steel Endowment

Contributions made after August 30 will appear in later programs. All donations are sincerely appreciated and may be sent to:

North State Symphony
400 West First Street
Chico, CA 95929-0805

Thank You and Bravo!